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Hearing Checklist

Children with a minor hearing loss may appear inattentive, leading to suspicions of ADD/ADHD. Make sure you get your child's hearing checked before thinking about and ADD/ADHD diagnoses. This checklist is not a diagnosis. If you think your child has a hearing problem, consult your doctor.

You should take your child to an audiologist if you child has or had:

__ Trouble hearing you when call from another room

__ Trouble discerning different sounds (like the difference between "fine" and "nine")

__ Trouble noticing small sounds (like a doorbell or telephone)

__ A tendency to speak in a very loud or very soft voice

__ A hoarse voice or a tendency to talk through the nose

__ Visible malformations of the head, neck, or ears

__ A family with a history of hearing loss

__ Early childhood diseases (like Meningitis, Scarlet Fever, Mumps)

__ Chronic middle ear infections for more than 3 months

__ Childhood injuries (like skull fractures, sharp blows to the head, loud noises, or accidental ear injury)

Hearing problems can develop as a child gets older. Taking your child for hearing check-ups often will help catch early symptoms of hearing problems.

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