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Vision Checklist

Sometimes a vision disorder can look like ADD or ADHD. The Optometrists Network recommends that you check you check your child for the following before assuming that your child as ADD/ADHD. This checklist is not a diagnosis. If you think your child has a vision disorder, consult your doctor.

You should have your child's vision checked if your child:

__ Has one eye that drifts or aims in a different direction than the other (sometimes this only happens when the child is stressed-it still matters!)

__ Turns or tilts head to see things

__ Frequently falls asleep at school, or gets severe headaches

__ Frequently tilts head to one side, or has one shoulder higher than the other

__ Squints, blinks, or closes/covers one eye frequently

__ Is always daydreaming in class

__ Is "clumsy"-always bumping into things

__ Holds books very close when reading

__ Closes/covers one eye while reading

__ Hates reading-becomes fatigued easily

__ Uses finger to trace words while reading

__ Is always rubbing eyes while reading

__ Reverses letters or words (b for d, p for q, on for no . . . )

__ Omits small words

__ Loses place while reading

__ Gets headaches or eye-aches from reading

__ Feels nauseous or dizzy after reading

__ Sees two of something when there should be one

Have your child's vision checked frequently. Vision disorders are easily mistaken for ADD/ADHD, and medication will not help.

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