How Your Child Can Become a Great Student!

In the videos you'll meet students like Adam and Carlos, their teachers and their mothers. You will hear their teachers tell the story of going from failing in special education classes to succeeding and excelling in regular classes. Adam and Carlos will tell you how their success changed their lives. You'll see what it did for their self-esteem and how it changed their parents, too. These are the stories of how parents helped their children with activities that simply changed their thinking speed and processing skills and they went from failing to excelling in just months.

Adam and Carlos had bleak futures where their parents had little hope for a life filled with success and options. They could not keep up in elementary school. They would have failed in high school. Instead, they left special education and moved to regular classes where they have had experiences like becoming a peer helper to help the struggling kids, being selected valedictorian, being selected to give a speech in front of the students in the multi-purpose room, becoming one of the "group" rather than remaining withdrawn and being selected by the entire school district as an "Inspirational Student". How this changed their self-esteem and their futures!

Because our programs have helped hundreds of students like Adam and Carlos become successful, it has given me the inspiration to create my newest program that will help children like yours make rapid gains toward independence, grade level skills and self-confidence *this* school year. The program can be done at home and it can change your child's life too.

If you'd like to schedule a strategy phone call to discuss your child's difficulties and ways to achieve the success you've been praying for, go now and let me know the best way to get in touch with you.

About twenty years ago I happened upon the idea of improving thinking speed and processing skills when nothing else was working to help my daughters who were struggling in elementary school.

First, I had to experiment just to figure out the important components of success. Plus, I had to discover different programs that would accomplish these components for my daughters. Then I had to work with my daughters to see if I got the results I was hoping to get. And, I had to deal with teachers telling me that my children had problems but not offering me any real solutions to help them get better.

Oh, and did I tell you about the cost! When I add up all of what I had to spend, it would buy a small house! But, like you, I knew my girls could do well in school if I was able to remove the obstacles that were in their way. And, I didn't give up.

And this is where BRAIN TRAINING COMES IN!

By chance I started experimenting with the millisecond timing of the brain. Back then, we didn't know if it would work – but I was desperate – I had tried literally everything and nothing was relieving my children's failure and frustration. Within weeks I started to see a difference. They weren't as frustrated doing homework. They were more enthusiastic about school. When I combined this with corrections in the other processing skills, within months they were moving up to the top of the class.

And, while grades are important, what I really wanted was for them to BE successful and FEEL successful so they could be happy having a life filled with possibilities and options. Today, this is what they have – big time!

Because of their successful journey in overcoming their own difficulties, they are committed to helping me work with struggling students as well as , in combination, working on a PhD, editing film, owning an organic soap company and having the ability to work 7 months a year and travel the other 5. While this might not be your ideal dream for your own children, this is what makes my daughters very happy. And, that has made me very happy, too.

Here's What We've Designed For You:

Our new program includes:

--Our signature Assessment that you can do with your child puts your child's learning skills on auto-pilot by pinpointing the weaknesses in millisecond timing, sensory, perceptual-motor and processing areas that are often the root cause of struggles with learning, attention and behavior.

--The newest Brain Synchronization Training System incorporating the powerful Interactive Metronome equipment with our custom training plans that you will use to move your child's thinking speed into the gifted range. This is important because smart people think fast. The training also improves all of the skills that make learning easy - attention, thinking speed, decision-making speed, organization, and communication skills. Your child's personal trainer will meet you on-line to set up the program and complete the initial assessment of your child's thinking speed. To do this we measure millisecond timing. Your trainer will monitor your child's scores daily, adjust the program for maximum progress, and help you coach your child through the easy steps of the program.

--While your child is training, you'll participate in the on-line parent workshops to help you discover the processing skills your child needs to perfect. A new workshop will be available each week for six weeks.

--We'll have weekly teleconferences together with a group of parents like you who are all moving their children's processing skills into the gifted range. You'll have the opportunity to learn from me and the Hardy Team Teachers and Coaches, ask questions, share successes, as well as hear what's working for other parents.

Here's What I Have For You:

In the past this level of help has only been available to students in my Academy program who paid $38,000 per year.

This is the first time I have offered such a comprehensive program that you can access from your own home. I've been working with the Interactive Metronome designers, my daughters, teachers and coaches to personally create this combination of assessments, trainings, and workshops to give your child the special attention and training to quickly create the success that you have been praying for.

This is the plan:

I'd like to offer you a one-on-one strategy assessment with me where I will help you uncover your child's biggest processing weaknesses. As you know, my assessments are the only ones of this kind…my students pay $3,800 a month to work with me at my center. So this strategy assessment will have real value for you…evaluating your child's processing skills, attention weaknesses and thinking speed and then deciding the best way to approach a treatment plan for maximum success.

Plan on us talking together for about 45 minutes. We'll look at your child's weak areas to see if *this* can be the year your child turns the corner and becomes able to access the potential that is already there.

Parents who help their children remove processing and thinking speed obstacles let their child's talents blossom. I'm pretty sure this will be the new wave of the future for helping children become successful.

In fact, I believe that this new discovery of improving processing skills and thinking speed rather than tutoring kids at a slower pace will completely change the way we help struggling students become successful. We are moving forward with pilot projects of our new programs in Boys and Girls Clubs as well as helping students all across America whose parents realize that the fastest way to help their children become successful in school is to simply improve what the brain does naturally…no medication, no lengthy tutoring programs, no special education.

But, Here's the Catch – This Isn't for Everyone:

So that I don't waste your time, I want you to know up-front:

--this program isn't for you if you want a tutoring program.

--this program isn't for you if you don't have 45 minutes 4 or 5 days per week for 6 weeks to coach your child. The program is easy, but it requires your participation. (the upside is that you will become closer to your child as you coach him/her to success and, years from now, they will thank you).

Here's Who This Program IS For:

The system we'll be walking you and your child through is for parents who want to permanently improve the underlying causes of their child's struggles with learning, attention and behavior. It works at the level of brain processing skills and improves the natural timing that the brain already uses. The commitment is for six weeks coaching your child for 45 minutes four or five days a week, attending weekly on-line parent workshops and teleconferences to ask questions and help your child move forward through the simple steps to success.

Here's What To Do Next:

Please sign up for a strategy assessment here!

You'll find an easy registration form and a question about the challenges of your child's problems.

Once we receive your information, one of our team members will contact you to set up your strategy assessment.

To give you the attention your child needs, we have openings for a limited number of families. They are available on a first come, first served basis. I promise if you satisfy the criteria for participating in the program your child will get a huge boost from our program. And, I hope you will share your stories with us as we refine and develop this new program.

This is a great program and it is a great deal. I suspect these spaces will fill up fast. So, if you're interested, go

Thanks a lot. I'm sure you're going to enjoy this and I am looking forward to talking with you soon.


Adam's Story

Carlos' Story

To learn more about helping your child with our programs, schedule a strategy assessment call here. We'll go over your child's problems and decide if our programs will help.

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