Hardy Attention Help

Learn How to Pay Attention

Paying attention takes four separate brain processing skills:

1. Selecting what to pay attention to requires the brain to sort out what is most important and decide to pay attention to THAT one thing in order to stay on task.

2. Knowing what NOT to pay attention to and tuning out distractions that cause difficulty staying on task.

3. Sustaining attention and focusing on one important task long enough to finish it.

4. Being able to get back on task without mentally wandering when interruptions occur or assignments require dividing attention between different tasks and pieces of information.

These four skills combine with other processing skills to enable a student to take in information, organize it, process it, store it for later use, and remember it successfully when needed.

Many processing skills contribute to successful attention. Of them, brain speed and timing play a big role in how well your child is able to pay attention, sustain attention, and switch attention. Hardy Attention Program begins with an accurate measurement of brain timing to help us develop a customized training plan to strengthen brain timing weaknesses and improve attention.