Discover The Hidden Solution To Learning Struggles

Learning struggles are overwhelming but the lasting solution is teaching your child to process information faster and to think more effectively so learning gets easier.

Hardy Brain Training discovers and corrects the hidden causes of your child’s academic struggles through a personalized brain training program.

Step 1

Hardy Learning Assessment

Our in-depth assessment pinpoints the hidden causes of your child’s learning struggles so we can develop a simple step-by-step learning plan to help your child start to make progress quickly

Step 2

Accelerate Learning Skills

Our research-based programs are proven to make learning easier, faster, and more enjoyable to get your child caught up quickly by improving processing speed and cognitive skills

Step 3

Advance Academic Skills

Our individualized programs improve the academic skills your child needs using movement and engaging programs to fill the gaps in reading, writing, spelling, and math

Improving Learning Speed Makes Academics Easier

Getting to grade level is easier when your child can process information faster. Research shows our students are able to get back on track quickly.

HBC Research

Hardy Brain Training Helps Build

Skills, Academics & Confidence For Success

Our program develops core processing and academic skills that are rarely addressed by tutoring, IEPs, or special school programs so your child can be more successful, confident, and independent in school and beyond. The IEP is designed to teach your child less information at a slower pace but NOT to correct the problems that are causing your child to fall behind. Our programs target the underlying skills to help your child become successful.

Processing Skills

Processing skills are the foundation of learning because they help the brain receive, organize, process, and store information.

Learning Skills

Cognitive learning skills like attention, memory, and organization help your child progress academically and learn more easily.

Academic Skills

Improving reading, writing, and math skills helps your child to catch up with peers and sets them up for success academically.


As confidence grows, your child becomes more enthusiastic about learning and trying new things, empowering them to achieve their dreams.

What Our Program Offers

A few missed skills can cause learning gaps that are hard to overcome and your child can get behind in class and stay behind while their peers continue making progress. Our individualized learning plan gives you the roadmap to correcting the hidden cause of your child’s struggles so they can become confident learners.

Hardy Learning Assessment

There’s a reason why your child isn’t learning easily and you need to know exactly what that is so you can’ fix‘ it and your child can start catching up.

Hardy Attention Toolkit

Learning can only happen when your child is paying attention. Gaps in your child’s attention will cause gaps in academic fundamentals that add up over the years.

Hardy Processing & Learning Skills Toolkit

If your child takes longer to fully understand and use the information the teacher is teaching, it gets harder to complete work and, before long, your child isn’t keeping up with peers.

Hardy Perceptual, Cognitive, & Executive Functioning Toolkit

If your child has difficulty taking in information, remembering it, and planning the steps needed to finish assignments, it will be easy to fall further behind year after year as these critical skills become more important.

Hardy Learning Disabilities Toolkit

If your child has been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities they can start to make progress again once they start overcoming the processing weaknesses that have caused learning to be difficult.

Hardy Reading & Spelling Toolkit

Your child will need to improve their reading fundamentals quickly if they have gotten behind because not only are strong reading skills correlated with success in high school but, along with good spelling skills, they are needed throughout life to learn and work.

Hardy Math Toolkit

If your child struggles with complex math problems, strengthening the gaps in underlying arithmetic skills will help them develop the ability to solve higher level problems more easily.

Hardy Writing Toolkit

Strong writing skills will benefit your child throughout life to be able to demonstrate that they have an understanding of information and can express it clearly so others can understand what they are saying.

Hardy Parent Empowerment Toolkit

Your child depends on you solve their struggles and you’ve tried everything you can but you still need help. Our program empowers you with the tools you need to help your child become a confident, more independent learner.

Is This The Right Program For You?

Most testing only identifies issues but doesn’t develop specific plans to improve learning. We are committed to helping your child learn more easily, even where other resources or assessments have failed. Hardy researched-based programs use a proven system in which students are most successful when they have parents and caregivers who are also committed to the program.

We are good fit for parents who…

  • are frustrated and tired because their child is struggling everyday
  • realize that special programs, tutoring, and nightly homework help aren’t enough
  • wonder if there may be a ‘missing piece’ that could help them solve the puzzle of why their child isn’t learning to potential
  • worry that their child is losing confidence and know the impact that can have on the future
  • want to find a real solution now

Your Commitment

40 minutes daily 5 days per week

You can choose any 5 days each week and can get help from your tutor, babysitter, neighbor, grandparent, etc., to assist you in working with your child if you prefer.

Our Program Schedule

How It Works

Processing skills, learning skills, and academic skills are all needed for your child to be successful at school. If there are weaknesses in any of these areas, learning will be harder. Hardy Learning is a proven, systematic formula for assessing and improving each of these three critical skill areas so your child will be able to learn more easily and have more enjoyment at school.

Step 1: Assessment & Equipment

$3700 – Month 1 (One-Time Cost)

  • Meet with us to see if Hardy Brain Training is a good fit for you and your child. This is a 30 minute complimentary consultation – there is no charge..
  • Schedule your child’s live assessment and make your tuition payment. This part of the assessment is done on zoom.
  • Complete the online learning assessments and send us any testing, records, IEPs, etc that you would like us to review.
  • Receive your child’s ‘Learning Blueprint Plan’ that outlines your next steps so you can be more confident now that you understand ‘why’ your child has been struggling.
  • Your child’s training equipment will arrive via USPS
  • Begin Processing Speed Training to speed up learning

Step 2: Accelerate Learning Skills

$97/month – Month 2+

  • Reach “Above Average’ Processing speed. This is important because your child hasn’t been learning as fast as classmates and the first step to getting caught up is to learn faster.
  • Add Cognitive skills training with video-based programs tailored to your child’s needs to help improve thinking skills so learning will get easier.
  • Parent support is provided through our individual private message board and parent education meetings
  • Progress Reports are scheduled at week four to celebrate your child’s achievements and plan for the next steps your child is ready to take.
  • Completing goals for processing speed and cognitive skills have built the strong foundation needed for successful learning. Congratulations! Your child is ready to work on the missing academics!

Step 3: Advance Academic Skills

$97/month – Month 3+

  • The reason you came to us is to help your child do better in school. Our academic programs quickly meet that goal.
  • Research-based academic programs with structured activities that use movement and patterning quickly fill in the gaps in your child’s academics.
  • Hardy Reading/Spelling Toolkit includes the powerful Wordquest Reading/Spelling program where reading and spelling are taught and enjoyed on a dance mat.
  • Hardy Math Toolkit helps get caught up on arithmetic basics that are holding your child back from understanding ‘higher’ math.
  • Hardy Writing Toolkit teaches a multi-level writing framework for easily outlining information and writing coherent compositions.
  • Graduation and the ‘Extra Edge’: At ‘graduation’, we add some ‘extra’ brain training sessions on your child’s equipment because many children find doing a few sessions before the start of the school year or before a sports tryout or before taking the SATs gives them an ‘extra edge’ as they are achieving their goals.

Contact us today about your child’s struggles

There is no charge for our initial consultation to see if our program will be a good fit for your child’s needs.