Discover the Hidden Solution
To Your Child’s Learning Struggles

Our specialty is helping kids
who don’t learn easily,
have struggled for years,
and their parents need a quick, inexpensive solution
so their child can keep up in class
and they can stop worrying about their child’s future

Hardy Learning Evaluation

Our in-depth evaluation pinpoints the hidden causes of your child’s learning struggles so we can develop a simple step-by-step learning plan to help your child start to make progress quickly

Make Learning Easier

Improve thinking speed and cognitive skills
so your child is able to catch up quickly
and keep up in class every year

Advance Academic Skills

Our individualized programs improve the academic skills your child needs using movement and engaging programs to fill the gaps in reading, spelling, and math

What Our Program Offers

Hardy Learning programs combine academic help for reading, spelling, and math with cognitive programs designed to make learning faster and easier so students catch up quickly…and permanently.

Hardy Programs offer parents;

Flexible home programs that fit your schedule

Options to work with your child yourself with our help or having us help a relative, neighbor or tutor as they work with your child

Choices for evaluation, accelerating learning, or tutoring help

Individualized help customized to meet your child’s unique needs even when previous programs have fallen short of your expectations

Hardy Programs help students who struggle with learning, attention, behavior, and confidence:

Attention difficulties, ADHD

Learning disabilities, IEPs, special programs

Processing and cognitive weaknesses

Executive functioning delays

Fallen behind during the pandemic

Lack of confidence in their abilities

Are easily frustrated by school assignments

Need continual help to finish work

Bright kids who struggle to learn at school but have lots of other interests

Reading challenges like dyslexia, sight word recognition, and reading at grade level

Math weaknesses like memorizing math facts and solving multi-step problems

Spelling issues like spelling correctly in written work

Is This The Right Program For You?

We are good fit for parents who…

  • are frustrated and tired because their child is struggling everyday
  • realize that special programs, tutoring, and nightly homework help aren’t enough
  • wonder if there may be a ‘missing piece’ that could help them solve the puzzle of why their child isn’t learning to potential
  • worry that their child is losing confidence and know the impact that can have on the future
  • want to find a real solution now

Your Commitment

  • Decide which program you’d like for your child
  • Discuss your schedule and plan your program
  • Choose who will be helping and encouraging your child:
    • will you work with your child?
    • will you have a relative or tutor encourage your child?
    • would you like one of our teachers to work with your child on zoom?

Contact us today about your child’s struggles

There is no charge for our initial consultation to see if our program will be a good fit for your child’s needs.