“Last year, we were on our journey to discover what was going on. And we didn’t know if there was also an underlying learning disability. And in going through the traditional channels of seeing doctors and the psychologists – no one could help us with that. What we discovered through Sherrie Hardy was there wasn’t any actual ADD. It was just an issue of focus.

“When I met Sherrie for the first time, I was just so amazed and comforted about her, I knew I was in the right place. She made me feel like we weren’t alone. She knew exactly where we were coming from and knew exactly what we were going through during that crisis point. She made me feel like everything was going to be OK and we would get through this. It was so comforting. I can’t just say enough good things about her. Ryan is currently getting straight As.”

Ryan’s Mom

“I see a big difference in his focusing. It’s amazing – he pays attention now. Before we had to tell him 3 or 4 times before he would do something. Now we tell him once and he does what we ask. The final report card the teacher wrote that there was great progress with his ability to focus.”

Jonathan’s Parents

“I see confidence where I used to see anger and frustration. Her grandmother (who hadn’t seen her in a while) expressed how much more mature and organized she is. She stays focused when talking to me.  She’s more patient with her little sister.”

Latoya H.

“He’s much more willing to try things on his own now. At the beginning of the year he wouldn’t try without someone there to help him. But he’s not waiting for someone to help him anymore.”

Alan’s Teacher

“She was 2 grades below on reading, and always struggled to get her homework done. Now, her reading has improved a full year, and she started to stand still instead of bouncing around. She also gained self-confidence.”

Jade’s Mom

“The biggest challenge with Erika had been her frustration. Before training she would get extremely frustrated with her homework. She never wanted us to check her work for fear of seeing how many she would need to correct.”

Erika’s Mom

“When he first started, he argued with everyone. But now he can pay attention to my directions. He can focus now and stay on task. He has more potential.” He likes to start his homework right away now and likes to be the first one to finish.”

Ricardo’s Mom

“It is a night and day difference.”

Caitlyn's Mom

“Once I start something I only think about that. It is easier to focus, easier to remember homework, easier to remember for tests. My grades are going up. Homework is not as much of a struggle.”

Kasey P.

“Austin does his homework in the morning without being asked. He can read for 30 minutes straight. His reading, math and writing have improved and it is a lot easier to pay attention. He’s not getting into trouble at school like he used to. He isn’t as stressed. He is more relaxed and calm. He’s enjoying himself again.”

Austin's Mom

“Katelyn has had a BIG attitude change.  She is not as frustrated.  She can concentrate better.  She has a stronger internal drive to raise her GPA.  In the past it really didn’t matter but now she really wants to improve her grades.  She has developed a strategy for raising her hand in science.  She can work through math problems step by step.  She uses her agenda now and can maintain an organized system.”

Katelyn’s Dad

“MacKenzie’s report card improved in 17 of 34 categories.  She has better eye contact and is not as shy.  She is able to add in her head.”

MacKenzie’s Mom

“Kenneth gets right up when the alarm clock goes off, dresses, combs hair, gets backpack, turns off light.  He is thinking of others besides himself.  He comes home and starts homework – used to be a big battle.”

Kenneth’s Mom

“Paul’s teacher has noticed better attitude and she can read his handwriting.”

Paul’s Mom

“We have cut Travis’ medications in half. He can sleep at night. He can focus and slows down to sound out words.”

Travis’ Mom

“Henry can concentrate and look at you. He has less frustration with school work. He played a whole game of Scrabble – sat through a whole entire game. He has a lot less frustration with school work.”

Henry’s Mom

“I remember more stuff longer. I don’t zoom off in my head anymore. Everything is opposite than what I was before. I’m good at remembering and concentrating now. I can do the things I’m supposed to do.  I’m not mad as much. I can remember where I am in a conversation.”

Mikey M.

“Hunter has learned more in three months than in 3 years. He’s producing a lot.”

Hunter’s Mom

“Bailey would lose his temper easily and many nights ended in tears over homework. Now, we notice Bailey being calm, more thoughtful, and agreeable. He was even named as class mediator at school!  What a total change in behavior. He seems to be able to focus on tasks better, his teacher tells us all the time about him having ‘good days’ at school. There is definitely a change in him we can all see.”

Bailey’s Mom

“Casey is not as addicted to T.V.  He is more organized and getting his assignments done. He was getting Cs and Bs now he’s getting As because he’s paying attention more, has better focus and is reading a lot more.”

Casey’s Mom

 “Nick was put on a pass/fail system at the end of last year due to his low productivity of work, frequent absences, a boy of few words and lack of motivation. Something happened over the summer because Nick did a 180-degree transformation that I have never seen in a student before. Gone was the hooded jacket over his head for most of the day, he attacked his school work with zeal and an added self confidence. Nick has requested that he goes back to the letter grade system and I would whole-heartedly agree. He has brought up his academics by several grades this year.”

Laura V., Nick’s Teacher

“Ayana has been integrated into general education and she fits in more with the regular class now. Her ability to speak at appropriate times has improved. Her focus in class has improved too.”

Ayana’s Teacher

“Michael could be told three times [what to do] and he would end up doing the opposite. At school, if he needed to only answer one question, he would answer all three. Now he is able to focus and think faster which gives him a lot of confidence.”

Michael’s Mom

“When she learns it now, she can remember it. She is getting better and better.”

Daniella’s Mom

“Sam has ADHD. He has been struggling in school for many years. This has taken a toll on his self-esteem and motivation for success in school. I was at a loss as to what I could do for him besides accommodations in school and counseling. When Sherrie told me about her program, I felt that it was the answer to my prayers. I was amazed to learn that everything Sam struggles with is what Hardy can help him to improve. Sam has now completed six weeks of brain training in which he has learned exercises that calm him and help him to concentrate and focus for a longer period of time. I have received a progress report from his math teacher saying he is seeing improvement with staying on task and cooperation. I thank you again for the good that you are doing in my child’s life.”

Sam’s Mom

“I don’t know how this stuff works but it sure improves his communication.”

Frank W.

“While doing homework he turned to me and said ‘this is weird.  I feel like I’m concentrating…Do you know how long I have been working on this?’  I answered ‘over an hour!’  He has a 75% in college prep 9th grade classes. I am extremely pleased. He is staying on task longer. He gets less frustrated doing things that are hard. His homework has gotten a LOT easier. He used to sit for 3 hours and get one sentence done. Last week he did a 500 word essay in 2 hours. He’s been more cooperative.”

Colin’s Mom

“I learned more from Sherrie in 30 minutes about my son than I learned in years of searching for help.”

Anthony’s Mom

“I am less frustrated and angry. I have calmed down. I’m relaxed and at peace.”

Jeff R.

“She’s so much better at reading. She can sit and read for 30 minutes straight! She could never do that before!”


“Kierstyn used to study, study and study and never pass. Now she gets Bs on spelling tests. She gets math concepts easily now. She uses strategies to break up long words. She is writing stories on her own with sentences and great paragraphs.”Kierstyn’s Mom

“His frustration levels are better. He can slow down when he’s angry.”

Caran E.

“He’s started reading for FUN! He’s never done that before.”


“School has been easier. He catches himself before he gets frustrated. He is more organized and good at starting homework. He is not as easily overwhelmed. His hard work is paying off this year. His grades are good.”Conner’s Mom

“He’s getting Bs and Cs instead of all Fs. He’s staying focused. This morning he woke up organized!”

Pam S.

“He’s so much less frustrated! He gets up in a good mood, and is just a joy to be around!”


“Homework is smoother – easier to start and cooperate. The teacher was calling on a nightly basis, but now never calls. Soccer has improved – really trying. He is more focused.”

Patti R.

“She’s much less frustrated with her homework. She used to cry, yell, and hide. Now she can get started by herself!”


“I can concentrate longer. I can slow down more. I don’t look around as much.”

Carrie M.

“Jonathan is less frustrated and less stressed out. He hasn’t gotten any demerits – got several last year. He’s not as fidgety – he can watch a Dodger game without getting up. His attention span is a lot better. He can get his work done faster without getting things wrong. Big improvement, good with homework, understood his math – figured it out on his own. He says things are getting easier for him.”

Jonathan’s Mom

“He’s happy in school for the first time in his life!”

Donovan's mom

“John is more focused. There is less ‘I don’t understand.’ Not one argument in the morning. He is finishing all his work. Now he walks with a purpose. He can sound out 5 syllable words when he used to say ‘I can’t’ for 2 syllable words. He is learning how to do things faster.”

John’s Mom

“It’s easier for him to read and he’ll focus for an hour at a time.”

Pauline S.

“I’m getting smarter and I don’t have to put myself under so much pressure anymore.”


“My daughter’s ability to perform all of her work, her homework, her projects, her studying… everything improved substantially. (Whereas my wife and I were heavily involved beforehand.) She’s able to do everything independently. I think that was in part because of Sherrie.

“Sherrie seemed to understand fully what we were dealing with. It was not a strained effort for her to understand what was going on and give us answers. She takes the time to care, spend time with us, answer all our questions, explain what’s going on, what she intended to do.”

Rachel’s Dad