What Are The Benefits Of Interactive Metronome For Children?

Before your child can learn in the classroom, they need to be able to keep up with the information that the teacher is presenting. Interactive Metronome helps struggling students overcome learning deficits by improving the processing speed in the brain which is part of the foundation that is required for learning.

The benefits of Interactive Metronome training come from improving processing speed. These improvements can be seen in attention, learning speed, coordination, communication, and social skills because all of these different skills require processing speed.

Different skills and different learning speeds are needed for each grade level. The speed of learning and the kinds of skills required are very different for a first grader than they are for a tenth grader. 

No matter which grade your child is currently attending, they must be able to keep up with the learning speed of classmates in their grade or they can fall behind.

When students are behind in class, the very first step in making progress is to improve processing speed. Unless processing speed is increased, they will always need extra help to keep up with their classmates in school. 

For students who are a little behind, help with nightly homework could be enough to help your child keep up in class. But if you’re concerned that your child will continue to fall further behind each year, then you may need additional assistance beyond tutoring and help with nightly homework.

Interactive Metronome Benefits

The biggest benefit of Interactive Metronome training is that it can improve your child’s processing speed. When IM training is combined with cognitive skill improvement and tutoring, your child can start catching up in class.

More importantly, the benefit of Interactive Metronome training is the confidence that your child can develop to help them try new challenges. When a child falls behind in school, it creates a lack of confidence that can be hard to overcome. As processing improves, your child will see that they can succeed in school and beyond. 

They may also find that they can play sports better, ride a bike more easily, and communicate their ideas more effectively. Some children may even develop better social skills and regulate their emotions better when their processing speed improves.

The practical benefits for parents in choosing the Interactive Metronome Home Training program are that the program is:

  • video-based 
  • easy
  • cost-effective
  • successful
  • flexible to fit your lifestyle at home

The real and lasting benefits parents experience are:

  • understanding your child’s processing deficits and seeing why they fell behind
  • knowing how to help
  • enjoying your child’s progress
  • watching your child’s confidence grow
  • experiencing a better relationship with your child
  • developing a bond together as your child makes improvement

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how the Hardy Brain Training Interactive Metronome Program can help your child, then contact us today to set up a consultation.